Pile of credit cards

Poor credit Bristol and re-mortgaging if your finances improve

Your Space Mortgages offers a helping hand to anyone worrying about affording a mortgage. We can discuss a number of things and find the right deal for you by searching the whole market. We even provide the best support for poor credit Bristol has to offer.

A history of bad debt and failing to keep up with payments can seriously affect your ability to get a mortgage. There are mortgages out there and specialist providers but you will likely have to pay a bigger deposit. The fees and interest could be higher too, accounting for the amount of risk the lender is taking on.

Improve your finances

One of the most important things to keep in mind is actually having a mortgage has the power to improve your credit rating. This is especially true if you make your payments on time and don’t encounter any issues. Keep in mind that missing a mortgage payment is one of the biggest black marks against you though. At the same time, you will really benefit if you can clear up other debts and make them more manageable.

A number of different things can cause your credit score to increase. As well as clearing debts and consistently paying your mortgage, an increase in your income and a big rise in the property’s value will help. You’ll also get a better rating if you own a higher percentage of the equity of the property.


If you agree to a specialist mortgage you have similar rights to everybody else. As a result, that means if your credit does improve you may be able to get a re-mortgage from a lender who previously would not lend to you. This could come with a smaller interest rate because your level of risk is now lower. Just make sure you consider any fees you will have to pay.

Having a bad credit score may not be the end of the world. Your Space Mortgages can help you to look for lenders and even plan ahead for improving your rating. If you have poor credit Bristol has nobody better to speak to than us. We will be happy to offer advice and recommendations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today.