If you are thinking of selling your home, there is an important list of ‘to-do’s that should be followed to ensure that you get the right price and the transaction completes at a time that suits you.

Choosing the right estate agent
Of course, personal recommendations are extremely helpful but a good agent should be proactive on your behalf, know the area in which you live intimately and have a list of likely buyers to introduce and be able to present your property in the best light. Remember, going with the one who promises the highest price does not guarantee a sale at the level you are looking for.

Don’t rely on your estate agent
Having said how important it is to find the right estate agent, don’t sit back and expect them to do all the heavy lifting.

Check out other properties’ asking prices
Look at what other houses in your area are selling for. View online the most recently sold properties in your postcode to give you a good idea of an asking price.

Make your property clutter free
If you have a lot of furniture it can make the rooms look smaller than they are. Pack away (where possible) extraneous furniture and other fixtures that make the property look cluttered. For example, work surfaces in the kitchen should be clear to make the space look bigger and more attractive to potential buyers.

Clean up and make minor repairs
Make a point of cleaning the house. If you have time, cleaning the carpets can have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere and look of the property. Having a good clean up, helps make your home more sellable. Also, places, where paint has flaked off through constant use, could use a paint refresh. Check and see whether there are any other small repairs that need doing or scuff marks that need a touchup. Making an effort will make your home look better and the offers you get will reflect the care you have taken.

Giving a good first impression
What do people see as they come to the front door? Don’t forget the garden and the front of the house. Look at the outside of your house as if you were looking at it for the first time. Are there any bushes or trees that need trimming? Are the windows clean, has the grass been cut? As you go through the front door, does the scene before you make you feel that if you were a buyer, you would want to buy your home?

Up to date with paperwork
Do make sure that all your relevant paperwork is up to date such as gas safety certificates or sign offs for building work you might have undertaken. Having everything up to date will mean a faster resolution.

Make sure that your legal representative is keeping up with the conveyancing of your property. They might not need chasing up, but there is no harm in making sure that they know you are on the ball and expecting a fast resolution.

If you want everything to go smoothly with your sale, it pays to be proactive.

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