The cost-of-living crisis means that Christmas may have to look a little different for many people this year, but the good news is that a budget Christmas can still be a special one. We’ve put together five top tips for how you can cut the cost of Christmas, all it takes is a little creativity and imagination!

Create a secret stash

The Christmas break can be a great time to enjoy some indulgent food and drink, however it needn’t cost a fortune if you plan ahead and buy the right items, at the right price. Know the value of what you’re looking to buy, and keep an eye out for special deals available in the run up to Christmas, stashing away non-perishable treats and gifts when you find them at the right price.

Many supermarkets run promotions on party foods and posh nibbles – 3 for 2 offers and so forth, so stock up when you can, but make sure that you’ve got sufficient space in the freezer beforehand!

It also pays to check the ‘Use by’ dates too – not all Mince Pies will last until Christmas Day!

The value of loyalty points

Whether it’s a supermarket loyalty card, credit card reward points or online credit built up from shopping or delivery services apps, most of us are likely to have been earning loyalty points throughout the year, so take a look at your balances and see where you can cash in those points and get Christmas for less.

Take Stock

Before getting stuck in with the Christmas shopping, it’s worth taking stock at home to see what you’ve already got from last year, and can therefore skip buying this time around – from all sorts such as unused cards, wrapping paper, sticky tape for example. Consider making homemade decorations or cards, you’ll find plenty of beginner craft projects on Pinterest and Instagram.

Have a go at Homemade

Costing a fraction of shop-bought equivalents, homemade gifts are always appreciated. Have a go at making jam or chutney, for example – step-by-step guides and recipes to a wide variety of suitable gifts can be found online, and you can make gorgeous gifts on their own, or as part of a bespoke DIY food hamper that will delight your loved ones!

Save steadily throughout the year

Christmas 2023 may seem like a long time away – but why not get yourself in the best possible position and start saving just a little each month towards it now – soon enough that will build up into a tidy sum to go towards buy some of life’s little luxuries for you and your family.