Protecting your Mortgage

The right cover for your peace of mind

Protecting your Mortgage

A mortgage may be one of your biggest monthly commitments. Therefore, if you take one out it is important to think about protecting you and your family in case the ‘worst was to happen’. This will help you to maintain your mortgage payments. We can provide protection insurance from a panel of trusted insurers and produce a full recommendation. With our help you can protect yourself if;

  • You suffered a critical illness.
  • You were to die.
  • There was accident.
  • You became unemployed.
  • You suffered a long-term disability or were unable to work because of ill health.

*If you have existing policies in place we can review these to make sure you have the right cover in place and at the best price. This way you ensure the cover is protecting you and your family.

Different types of protection policies available.

Life insurance

This will provide you will a lump sum that would pay out on your death. It can be a fixed amount or decreasing with your mortgage. This money can also be written into ‘Trust', meaning it will not form part of your inheritance and will be paid out to your family quickly.

Critical illness protection

Critical illness or Serious illness can provide a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with having the specific illnesses stated in the policy. A Critical illness could lead you to be unable to work. The cover will give you the peace of mind if the worst were to happen. The funds could pay your mortgage off or provide a lump sum to support you in a time of need.

Permanent health insurance

This provides you with a long-term tax-free income if you are unable to work due to accident or because of sickness. It can be set up for your mortgage term, until the age of retirement, or to meet your budget. If you have sick pay with your employer, you can arrange the cover to kick in after this, therefore protecting you and your family if you were unable to work for a longer period.

Mortgage payment protection

This can provide you with the short term set amount per month if you were to suffer sickness, accident or redundancy. You can defer it to match your current sick pay. It can cover you for up to 24 months.

Private health insurance

This cover allows you to have private medical treatment and also may provide an income if you were in an NHS hospital.

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